7 Types of Digital Marketing Strategies and How You Can Use Them to Grow Your Business

According to a well known online data analysis organization, around fifty per cent of the money spent in the United States is influenced by online marketing campaigns. Statistics such as this highlight the importance of implementing effective digital marketing techniques to promote your business, increase your market share, boost your turnover and enhance your profits.

But first, you need to know something about the different kinds of online advertising techniques, strategies, services and models available.

We've listed some below to get you started on thinking about which is right for you and your business.

1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO techniques, which in themselves are varied and multifarious, are a strong method of online advertising through which to market your company. Whilst off page SEO methods are most suited to larger companies looking for national coverage, online SEO techniques, or at least the exclusive use of them, is more suited to smaller companies seeking to promote their business on a local level. For instance, rather than trying to create brand awareness through promoting a highly conspicuous presence on social media sites, and instead focusing on on-page techniques such as well optimized web design Birmingham based tailors, Newsagents in Chelmsford, or fish and chip shops in Edinburgh can produce excellent return on investment rates.

2. Social Media Marketing

Though, as mentioned above, off page SEO techniques such as increasing social media presence are predominantly thought of as more suited to the purposes of larger enterprises or companies seeking to achieve advertising on a national or international level, social media networks are continually improving the methods they use to make the adverts they show their users more relevant. As such, it may not just be on page SEO techniques such as proper labelling or high-quality Web Design Birmingham based tailors or newsagents in Chelmsford have to use to increase their online market share, though this still remains by far the most effective method for local businesses looking to climb higher on the search engine ranking pages.


Also known as Internet Public Relations, SEO PR is the process of writing press releases or other similar marketing and advertising material and literature for search engine optimization purposes, generate leads and traffic to a website, as well as to increase conversion rates and boost profits.